NICES 2021 is canceled due to COVID-19

At this moment we have no further sight on a new date and year. Stay in touch through this site, facebook or our newsletters.

Correspondence before the camp is possible in Dutch and English. The official language during activities and on the camp is English. All official information is available in English and Dutch. To solve insuperable language problems there are translators amongst the staff.

A very active, exciting and varied programme full of adventure, sports and other activities is planned. During the camp, every night all the participants can choose from an enormous offer of ticket activities, both on and off the campsite.

Among other things the following activities are expected (no definitive list yet):

  • Getting exhausted on a survival challenge-track;
  • Mountainbiking: a nice hike to enjoy the Limburg countryside or a heavy cross-country track;
  • Combine aiming, running and ambush tactics during outdoor laser combat;
  • Be secured on the climbing-wall!;
  • A life-jacket isn’t superfluous during the wild-water kayaking;
  • Sport: challenge each other in beach-volleyball, soccer, archery or any of your favourite sports;
  • Will your self built wooden raft float or sink?;
  • Enjoying the fabulous scenery in National Park De Groote Peel;
  • Express yourself in one of the many workshops, like glass engraving and pottery;
  • Visit a real Dutch windmill or go 100 years back in time during one of the excursions;
  • Don’t get lost and show your knowledge of orienteering;
  • Don’t hit any cows while playing Farmers’ Golf!

Of course we’re not sitting still during the hot Dutch summer nights.
Every night something spectacular is organised in the large (party) tent: Disco-nights, live-shows, karaoke shows, Miss & Mister NICES election and international parties. Too much to mention but we’re sure that you won’t get bored!

Besides the daily activities in the large tent, there will be extra activities organised, like a big international barbecue for all the participants and of course you can make new friends and learn new songs at the campfire

Although a tent isn’t a five-star hotel, the participants are offered all conveniences. The following facilities are expected on the campsite:

  • Info centre;
  • Sanitary facilities;
  • Showers (hot and cold water);
  • Telephone and internet;
  • Refrigeration for food;
  • First aid facilities;
  • Parking for cars and buses;
  • Cell phone recharge point.

Besides these standard facilities we also offer the following on the campsite:

  • Large partytent with bar;
  • Culture tent with scouting exhibitions;
  • For the nightowls and those who can’t sleep: a nighttent which is open until the early morning;
  • In the weekend a scout and souvenir shop.

At NICES we do not provide food for the participants. Every group can cook and eat their own meals or cook together with multiple groups and also eat together. To buy supplies for these meals you can go to one of our local supermarkets which are located in the center of Nederweert. We have a cooling available where you can store food in a crate you get from the organization.

Propane gas can be bought near the campsite. Other gases, such Campinggaz must be purchased in specialized shops. Make sure the gas hoses and the gas pressure regulators have not passes their expiration date. The gas hose should be longer than 1.5 meters.

Participation in NICES is possible for as many days as you like. The cost per person per day is 25,00 EURO. This fee includes your stay, all activities, use of all facilities, camp badge and participation in the international barbecue. Drinks and snacks in the main tent and other meals are not included.

NICES is a summer camp for all the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts from Europe (and far outside?) between 14 and 21 years old. Leaders are of course allowed to be older than 21. From 18 years old onwards you could also join NICES as an IST-member.

We want NICES to be as flexible as possible for everyone. Therefore, we enable you to sign up for only 1 day up and till the full 11 days of NICES experience.

When you book the full 11 days during the early-booking discount period, you will get one free day of NICES

You will need to provide your own tentage and cooking equipment. Our international guests are advised to get in contact with their partnering group in that concerns. The partnering groups are asked to support their foreign groups at its best. If you really have no way to organize or bring camping equipment, please get in touch with us via email.

When you want to send your stuff to the Netherlands, let us know!

The campsite is very easy to reach by car, bus or train.

  • Nearest railway station: Weert Central Station (7,5 km)
  • Nearest bus-stop: 500 m
  • Airports: Eindhoven, Maastricht-Aachen, Weeze

The website offers a complete public transport route planner, including trains, buses, etc.

From train station Weert you can get to NICES with a public bus. Also, we have the possibility to pick up some groups with our own busses. Get in touch with us if you want to arrange this.

Every evening prior to the day of ticket activities, there will be a ticket distribution. During the ticket distribution, participants (also leaders) can register for an activity at the ticket distribution center in the main tent.

During NICES a number of special activities will take place:

  • Opening ceremony
  • International barbeque
    During the barbeque, every group will be ask to prepare a side dish caracteristic for the home country of the group;
  • Public day
  • Closing ceremony

We will publish the dates and times of these activities on a later moment.

You can subscribe for our newsletter by filling in the contact form and updates can be found on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Smoking is not allowed on the entire NICES site except in specially designated areas.

Consuming alcohol is subject to the statutory age. For light alcoholic beverages this is 18 years. It is not allowed to bring or consume liquor (alcohol percentage above 20 %) on the NICES site. Low alcoholic beverages (beers and wines) are only available during the evenings in the bars in the festival area (from 20:00h). It is not allowed to take self-brought drinks and / or alcohol to the festival site. During the day no alcohol is allowed. In case of alcohol abuse or inconvenience due to alcohol, enforcement actions will be taken.

Possession or use of drugs (including soft drugs) is prohibited and leads to immediate removal from the site.

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