Without an enthousiastic crew, NICES could not exist! That’s why we need your help! Are you older than 18 years and do you want to be a part of the nicest en coolest crew of Europe? Sign up!

As part of de NICES crew/ IST you don’t pay camp -or registration fee and we will pay your meals!

There are several vacancies for:

  • Production crew who will build the camp terrain, dresses up and finally breaks down.
  • Activity leaders who will take care of maximum enthousiastic participants.
  • Evening entertainers who will take care of an extraordinary evening show
  • Security who will secure our safety and order at the campsite
  • Kitchen crew who will help the crew with making great meals every day
  • And lots more!

Are you looking forward to helping us?

Before you sign up, please read our houserules and staff conditions.

Please fill in the form below and sign up.

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